2015 Results Tour de White Rock Omnium – Men

PosRace #UCI CodeRider NameTeam NameHometownCritRoad RaceTotal
16CAN19890512MCLEOD Garrett H&R Block Pro Cycling TeamWolfville NS11516
24GER19890108KNAUER Florenz H&R Block Pro Cycling TeamLisberg GER11516
392CAN19830523ROUTLEY William Optum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategiesAbbotsford BC5914
450CAN19910114DAL-CIN Matteo *Silber Pro CyclingOttawa ON13114
552CAN19940430ELLSAY Nigel *Silber Pro CyclingCourtney BC11112
656CAN19770320ST-JOHN Derrick Silber Pro CyclingGatineau QC369
751CAN19940120DOYLE Elliott *Silber Pro CyclingAlma QC819
849CAN19930901CATAFORD Alex *Silber Pro CyclingOttawa ON178
955CAN19830110ROTH Ryan Silber Pro CyclingGuelph ON617
1071USA19920417FEEHERY Brandon Astellas Cycling TeamHomewood IL415
1170USA19890531BROWN Cortlan Astellas Cycling TeamBountiful UT123
12119CAN19950612BURKE Jack *Team NCCH p/b Dec ExpressToronto ON112
135CAN19900520MCKNIGHT Bailey H&R Block Pro Cycling TeamCalgary AB112
147SLO19931028RUPNIK Jure *H&R Block Pro Cycling TeamLogatec SLO112
1522USA19840105HEGYVARY Adrian UnitedHealthcareSeattle WA112
1640CAN19850902VARABEI Anton Garneau QuebecorToronto ON112
1745USA19800129HERRMANN Ariel Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - StravaSan Francisco CA112
1854NZL19901003RAY Alexander Silber Pro CyclingNew Zealand112
1972GBR19960306GARDNER Dan *Astellas Cycling TeamScaynes Hill England112
2074AUS19890222MURFET Clay Astellas Cycling TeamBountiful UT112
2176USA19910402BASSETTI Sam iRT RacingSanta Rosa CA112
2289CAN19920802VAN DEN HAM Michael Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic HomesBrandon MB112
23112CAN19910302MASSICOTTE Kevin Jet Fuel CoffeeToronto ON112
24145CAN19890917WAKEFIELD Brett Team Giant VancouverMaple Ridge BC112
25162CAN19821114BELL Zachary SmartStop Pro CyclingNorth Vancouver BC112
OUT1CAN19930708COTE BOUVETTE Felix *H&R Block Pro Cycling TeamLachine QCOUTOUT0
OUT2CAN19931021DE VOS Adam *H&R Block Pro Cycling TeamVictoria BCOUT120
OUT3AUS19901215ELLIOTT Nathan H&R Block Pro Cycling TeamMelbourne AUS1OUT0
OUT8CAN19941018SAMUEL Travis *H&R Block Pro Cycling TeamPeterborough ONOUT10
OUT9CAN19910409SCHWINGBOTH Jacob H&R Block Pro Cycling TeamSurrey, BC1OUT0
OUT10CAN19920415WIGHT Stuart H&R Block Pro Cycling TeamRiverview NBOUTOUT0
OUT11CAN19920711D'ARCY Chris Langlois Brown RacingVancouver BCOUTOUT0
OUT12CAN19730510DE ROSNAY Emile Langlois Brown RacingVictoria BCOUT10
OUT13CAN19770916GERTH David Langlois Brown RacingVancouver BCOUT10
OUT14USA19850422KINNEY Nigel Langlois Brown RacingMinnesotaOUT10
OUT15CAN19961108PICKELL Jackson *Langlois Brown RacingVancouver BCOUTOUT0
OUT16CAN19890222PLANT Sherwood Langlois Brown RacingCalgary ABOUTOUT0
OUT17MEX19890311SUAREZ Arturo Langlois Brown RacingMexicoOUTOUT0
OUT18CAN19790801WERNER Jeffrey Langlois Brown RacingNelson BCOUTOUT0
OUT19CAN19750203WOOD Jonathan Langlois Brown RacingFort Nelson BCOUTOUT0
OUT20USA19790711CLARKE Hilton UnitedHealthcareMelbourne AUSOUTOUT0
OUT21USA19820414HANSON Ken UnitedHealthcareSan Diego CAOUTOUT0
OUT23USA19910810KEOUGH Luke UnitedHealthcareSandwich MA1OUT0
OUT24AUS19770617MENZIES Karl UnitedHealthcareAda MI1OUT0
OUT26CAN19930211ANDREWS Ty *Russ Hays Accent Inns Cycling TeamVictoria BCOUTOUT0
OUT27CAN19951207VANDALE Danick *Russ Hays Accent Inns Cycling TeamWinnipeg MBOUT10
OUT28CAN19880501RICHARD Normand Russ Hays Accent Inns Cycling TeamVancouver BCOUTOUT0
OUT29CAN19831217DEARDEN Curtis Russ Hays Accent Inns Cycling TeamVictoria BC1OUT0
OUT30CAN19911003CUNNINGHAM Dylan Russ Hays Accent Inns Cycling TeamVictoria BCOUT10
OUT31CAN19880629CANNING Cody Russ Hays Accent Inns Cycling TeamVictoria BCOUTOUT0
OUT32CAN19810703LALUMIERE Raphael Russ Hays Accent Inns Cycling TeamVictoria BCOUTOUT0
OUT33CAN19870813LANDOLT Jordan Russ Hays Accent Inns Cycling TeamVictoria BCOUTOUT0
OUT34CAN19950412BRISEBOIS Olivier *Garneau QuebecorSt-Jerome QCOUT10
OUT35CAN19940713GAGNE Julien *Garneau QuebecorSherbrooke QCOUTOUT0
OUT36CAN19930225GAUTHIER Simon-Pierre *Garneau QuebecorBoisbriand QCOUT10
OUT37CAN19790301LANGLOIS Bruno Garneau QuebecorQuebec City QCOUTOUT0
OUT38AUS19941214LOWNDES Jason *Garneau QuebecorStrathfieldsaye AUS7OUT0
OUT39CAN19950301SOUCY Marc-Antoine Garneau QuebecorAmos QCOUTOUT0
OUT41USA19811205CARLING Joshua Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - StravaEl Dorado CAOUTOUT0
OUT42USA19890501CHAMPLIN Mackenzie Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - StravaLos Angeles CAOUTOUT0
OUT43USA19920912CHATLAONG Matt Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - StravaSacramento, CAOUTOUT0
OUT44USA19811001FREED Nate Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - StravaTahoe City CAOUTOUT0
OUT46USA19890302MYERS William Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - StravaSacramento CAOUTOUT0
OUT47CAN19950301SCHAFFNER Nick Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - StravaReno NVOUTOUT0
OUT48USA19881008HARLAND-DUNAWAY Chris Herbalife p/b Marc Pro - StravaBerkeley CAOUT100
OUT53CAN19940307PERRY Benjamin *Silber Pro CyclingSte-Catherine ON1OUT0
OUT57CAN19961009ADOMONIS Lukas *SMARTSAVVY+ p/b IRIS Cycling ProjectEdmonton ABOUTOUT0
OUT58CAN19970403BURTNIK Mason *SMARTSAVVY+ p/b IRIS Cycling ProjectEdmonton ABOUTOUT0
OUT59CAN19961123EPP Noah *SMARTSAVVY+ p/b IRIS Cycling ProjectCalgary ABOUTOUT0
OUT60CAN19970129HOWARD Jacob *SMARTSAVVY+ p/b IRIS Cycling ProjectCalgary ABOUTOUT0
OUT61USA19960613KOZLOWSKI Teddy *SMARTSAVVY+ p/b IRIS Cycling ProjectBridgewater NJOUTOUT0
OUT62CAN19960808KROPF Joshua *SMARTSAVVY+ p/b IRIS Cycling ProjectCaronport SKOUTOUT0
OUT63USA19890804NEAGOS Brad SMARTSAVVY+ p/b IRIS Cycling ProjectDetroit MIOUTOUT0
OUT64USA19941229ALBRECHT Jacob *California Giant/SpecializedWatsonville CAOUTOUT0
OUT65USA19840327BARBERI Stefano California Giant/SpecializedWatsonville CAOUTOUT0
OUT66USA19960730MOSTOV Zeke *California Giant/SpecializedWatsonville CAOUTOUT0
OUT67USA19940929ORTENBLAD Tobin *California Giant/SpecializedWatsonville CA9OUT0
OUT68USA19930126PHILLIPP Torey *California Giant/SpecializedWatsonville CAOUT80
OUT69USA19930715WOLFE Ben *California Giant/SpecializedWatsonville CAOUTOUT0
OUT73USA19861205JENKINS Max Astellas Cycling TeamFair Oaks CA1OUT0
OUT75USA19720509MYERSON Adam Astellas Cycling TeamBoston MA1OUT0
OUT77USA19900815BRUSH Walton iRT RacingBwekeley CA1OUT0
OUT78MEX19910930CORELLA Rene iRT RacingEnsenada MEXOUT10
OUT79MEX19911020EDER Frayre iRT RacingEnsenada MEXOUTOUT0
OUT80USA19880123GREENBERG Coty iRT RacingSimi Valley CAOUTOUT0
OUT81USA19830729HARTRICH Coulton iRT RacingAspen COOUTOUT0
OUT82USA19921015LUCAS Eamon iRT RacingPacific Grove CA1OUT0
OUT83CAN19970112BOERSMA Willem *Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic HomesPortage la Prairie ABOUTOUT0
OUT84CAN19861210HAMILTON Nic Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic HomesCalgary ABOUTOUT0
OUT85CAN19950813LAMOUREUX Jay *Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic HomesVictoria BC1OUT0
OUT86CAN19931031MORRISON Geordie *Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic HomesVictoria BCOUT10
OUT87CAN19960225STOTHARD Trevor *Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic HomesVictoria BCOUTOUT0
OUT88CAN19970422TAYLOR Joel *Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic HomesVictoria BCOUT10
OUT90CAN19870722ANDERSON Ryan Optum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategiesNorth Vancouver BCOUT30
OUT94USA19950928WHITE Curtis *Optum p/b Kelly Benefit StrategiesDelanson NYOUTOUT0
OUT97USA19880808CASEY Pat Canyon Bicycles - ShimanoPark City UTOUTOUT0
OUT98USA19880609DAHLHEIM Andrew Canyon Bicycles - ShimanoGreenville SC1OUT0
OUT99USA19850103SCHMITT Morgan Canyon Bicycles - ShimanoWoodinville WA1OUT0
OUT102DOM19870730MERAN Rafael CRCA/FoundationNew York City NYOUTOUT0
OUT103DOM19921008RODRIGUEZ Anthony CRCA/FoundationNew York City NYOUTOUT0
OUT104DOM19891117TAVERA Norlandy CRCA/FoundationNew York City NYOUTOUT0
OUT105NED19901209WINKEL Quinten CRCA/FoundationNew York City NYOUTOUT0
OUT107UCI19821017GILLAM David Glotman Simpson CyclingCorner Brook NLOUT10
OUT110CAN19840930STREB Travis Glotman Simpson CyclingNorth Vancouver BCOUT10
OUT111CAN19910716BOURNE Braydon Jet Fuel CoffeeToronto ONOUTOUT0
OUT113CAN19940919PRENDERGAST Chris *Jet Fuel CoffeeWinnipeg MBOUT10
OUT114CAN19930530VANLAUWE Luke *Jet Fuel CoffeeAyr ONOUTOUT0
OUT115USA19840507MITCHELL Johnny Team Finish Strong Elite CyclingJohnson City TNOUTOUT0
OUT116USA19911223MOOSA Matt Team Finish Strong Elite CyclingCharlotte NCOUTOUT0
OUT117USA19870316RENKEMA Ben Team Finish Strong Elite CyclingGreenville SCOUTOUT0
OUT118USA19950306TANKERSLEY Nolan *Team Finish Strong Elite CyclingErwin TNOUTOUT0
OUT120CAN19940528ETZL Brandon *Team NCCH p/b Dec ExpressSt Catharines ON1OUT0
OUT121CAN19900113LEBLANC Isaac Team NCCH p/b Dec ExpressVictoria BCOUTOUT0
OUT122CAN19961122WALSH Edward *Team NCCH p/b Dec ExpressHalifax NSOUT10
OUT124SLO19840901ILLESIC Aldo Altovelo-SeaSuckerPtuj Sylvania10OUT0
OUT126MEX19910828BACA Tony Elbowz RacingChihuahua MEXOUTOUT0
OUT127USA19810808ROTHE Stefan Elbowz RacingAustin TX1OUT0
OUT128USA19920306SHEEHAN Michael Elbowz RacingAustin TX2OUT0
OUT132GER19830418WERNER Hendrik RRG Porz 1987Köln GEROUTOUT0
OUT133GER19860304SCHWEIZER Christoph Team Bike AidAachen GEROUTOUT0
OUT134GER19900724DROSTE Jan Niklas Team Gießen u. WeiseckDitzingen GEROUTOUT0
OUT135GER19700902TEUTENBERG Lars Team Lexxi Speedbike Köln GEROUTOUT0
OUT138USA19930909PINCUS Michael *Super Squadra p/b Austin BikesPearland TXOUTOUT0
OUT139USA19940128KOONTZ Grant *Super Squadra p/b Austin BikesHouston TXOUTOUT0
OUT140CAN19940925FLETT-BROWN Amiel *TaG CyclingVancouver BCOUTOUT0
OUT141CAN19940210SHUBART-KNAPTON Christian *TaG CyclingNorth Vancouver BCOUTOUT0
OUT142USA19881005KORUS Max Team Mike's Bikes p/b Equator CoffeesPhiladelphia PAOUTOUT0
OUT149CAN19750225JOHNSON Dave CrossRoad RacingVancouver BCOUTOUT0
OUT150CAN19961119COWAN Alexander *CycleMeisters-Bow CycleCalgary ABOUTOUT0
OUT153CAN19770722JAMESON Chris Gastown CyclingVancouver BCOUTOUT0
OUT156CAN19861029OSTERTAG Cory Mighty CyclingVancouver BCOUTOUT0
OUT160TTO19900926SAMUEL Gevan Ride with RendallTrinidad and TobagoOUTOUT0
OUT161CAN19850131HARGROVE Robert Sante Universalle // Marin BikesVancouver BCOUTOUT0
OUT163CAN19960211TOPPINGS Connor *Synergy RacingCalgary ABOUT10
OUT164CAN19920707DAHL Kristofer Team SmartStopCalgary ABOUTOUT0
OUT168CAN19880622BSCHADEN Ben United CycleEdmonton ABOUTOUT0
OUT169CAN19880306FAAS Mark independentHanna ABOUTOUT0
OUT170AUS19900528MOWATT James Data#3 SymantecMelbourne AUSOUTOUT0
OUT175CAN19820612RUSSELL Andrew independentVictoria BCOUT10
OUT177CAN19840624RICHEY Craig Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic HomesSmithers BC1OUT0
OUT178ESP19760309MANCEBO Francisco Canyon Bicycles - Shimano0OUT130
OUT186CAN19850530DAVIES Dylan Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic HomesVancouver BCOUTOUT0
OUT188USA19870521HOLLOWAY Daniel Altovelo-SeaSuckerMorgan Hill CAOUTOUT0
OUT189CAN19940313MOONIE Devon Glotman Simpson CyclingKamloops BCOUTOUT0