Saturday Strategy: Gotta Dance…

The action starts at 8 and goes until late. Right on the street at Five Corners. As soon as the Men’s Professional and Cat 1/2 race finishes, the crews will sweep in, get the barriers down and the hay bales gone. Then the party gets truly going.

A word of caution – watch out for the work crews as they’re taking down the barriers. It’s dangerous for you and for them if you get in the way. Wait until they’re gone before swarming the street.

But once the street is clear, no strategy is really needed – a good time is a good time, period.

Most importantly, don’t go on too late. The Westminster Savings Road Race starts at 9 Sunday morning and you want to be in shape to get down to the Beach to cheer on your favorite team.

Hey – be sure to remember Sunday brunch. You forgot Sunday brunch? REALLY? Yikes! Stay tuned – posts on  Festival de Tour Weekend’s Brunch Ambassadors coming up real soon.

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