Saturday Strategy: Location, Location, Location…

Want the best place to view the Choices Markets Criterium on Saturday? First, you’ll have to decide what you want to see. There are plenty of good viewing spots for the Crit but where you choose to camp will dictate the kind of action you’ll experience.

The fastest action is at the corner where Johnston, Buena Vista and Pacific meet. The pack has just bombed down Johnston at close on 70kmh and have a nasty corner to make at high speed and with lots of company. There’s good reason for all those hay bales! It’s fast and furious but there’s also tons happening right there.

The stage for the street party is on the northwest corner. The Hospitality Garden is directly across on the southeast. And some of the best food sources for the Crit are on the block along Pacific. The entire stretch down Johnston from Roper is pretty exciting so you can set up pretty much anywhere and get a good view – and there are bleachers in a couple of places if you need to rest your feet. Start and Finish are on this stretch – close to Prospect Avenue.

The corner at Pacific and Fir offers a different perspective. Riders are shifting to attack the Fir Street hill and are positioning themselves for the major strategy portion of the races. This is where the tactical stuff happens – where the lead changes hands and the teams set up to make their play for the preems – and the podium. The Fir Street hill itself doesn’t offer that many spots for good viewing but there are a few – and if you’re into the tactics of Crit racing, this is the place to be.

Some people pick a spot and camp out for the entire event. Others keep moving. Whatever your choice, you’re sure to have a good time. Most importantly, remember to head back for the street party featuring Big City Soul…with thanks to the White Rock BIA for moving their Concerts at the Pier for Saturday July 14 to Five Corners. And to Landmark Premiere Properties for presenting Tour de White Rock Festival Weekend.

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