Sunday Strategy: All the views that fit…

The road races are a different kind of event that the Crit. Saturday’s races are short, fast and contained to a small area. Very exciting but blink and you might miss important events. Sunday’s races are longer, more spread out and, for the spectator, a bit more relaxed. You have the time to move around and see various elements of racing at different spots along the course.

The Start/Finish area is exciting…well…at the start and the finish. On Marine Drive, pretty much in line with the pier, seeing over 100 racers take off at the start is quite spectacular. And the final push up to the finish, with people shouting and cowbells ringing like crazy, is a lot of fun. But there are other places to plunk yourself down and see some great action.

A personal favorite is the corner of Vidal and Marine, just by the Boathouse or West Beach Grill. The riders have bombed down Columbia and Victoria and are making very sharp turns to go either east or west. It’s tricky and watching the riders navigate that corner is awesome. Have your cowbell handy!

Anywhere along Marine west of that corner is fun and full of excitement.

Further west (and not so well known, as it’s more residential), the corner of Magdalen and Marine Drive is where the riders turn up into the hills on the west side of the course. The turn is nearly 270 degrees and then uphill so it’s a struggle and all kinds of strategy but then you can watch the riders moving very fast west on Marine as they come back down towards the centre of the course. They are just zoomin’ at that point.

No matter where you end up, the Road Race is the ultimate treat of the Tor de White Rock Festival Weekend. Do not miss it!

And a reminder – while the Westminster Savings Road Race is considered an ‘open’ course, which means that there might be cars on certain portions of it, vehicular traffic will be seriously limited during the race. Walk, bike or use public transit if you can and if you must drive, please pay close attention to the instructions of the flag persons and traffic marshalls. There will be a lot of racers on the road and they’ll be moving very, very quickly.

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