Sunday Strategy – Bike Racing and Brunch

Food and White Rock Beach are pretty much synonymous but the races start early, so finding a good patio to eat and cheer on can be tricky. Here are some of the faves.

The Boathouse is a Tour de White Rock Brunch Ambassador and hosts the VIP brunch, so the rooftop patio is invitation only but the main restaurant opens at 10 and has good views through the windows facing the beach.

With an epic menu and a well placed patio, Jan’s on the Beach is a formidable Brunch Ambassador: an excellent choice for brunch and bikes. Opens at 9:00 but get there early or find all the good spots taken. Not that there are really any bad spots.

Oceanside Yacht Club has lots of screens, so one can expect football to be ruling the morning but the patio is oriented towards the beach so the views of the riders will be superb. This Brunch Ambassador opens at 11, so both Men’s and Women’s races will be in full swing.

Charlie Don’t Surf, yet another Brunch Ambassador, doesn’t open until 11 either but has a large and accessible patio, so it can be worth the wait. It fills up quickly once it’s open, so don’t stand around.

Uli’s Restaurant is always popular, and with good reason. It’s a Brunch Ambassador and there are rumours they’ll have the World Cup Final on the big screen, too. Opens at 10. Unfortunately they won’t be opening earlier to accommodate footie aficionados.

If you’ll be setting up on East Beach, or you start your day early, Poultry in Motion is your best bet. Opening at 7:30, you can be fed, watered and ready to go before the racing even begins.

And it can never be mentioned too often – while the Westminster Savings Road Race is considered an ‘open’ course, which means that there might be cars on certain portions of it, vehicular traffic will be seriously limited during the race. Walk, bike or use public transit if you can and if you must drive, please pay close attention to the instructions of the flag persons and traffic marshalls. There will be a lot of racers on the road and they’l moving very, very quickly.


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