The action starts at 8 and goes until late. Right on the street at Five Corners. As soon as the Men’s Professional and Cat 1/2 race finishes, the crews will sweep in, get the barriers down and the hay bales gone. Then the party gets truly going. A word of caution – watch out, Read More

Food is certainly no problem at Five Corners – the only problem is deciding what kind of eats you want. If your group can’t agree, not to worry. There are options to suit just about every whim and notion. Mix and match will be easy. Crit Food is the order of the day. Let’s, Read More

Want the best place to view the Choices Markets Criterium on Saturday? First, you’ll have to decide what you want to see. There are plenty of good viewing spots for the Crit but where you choose to camp will dictate the kind of action you’ll experience. The fastest action is at the corner where, Read More